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[Archived] Question # 47: What is staff’s response to the Alexandria Committee of Police’s employee bonus request?


What is staff’s response to the Alexandria Committee of Police’s employee bonus request? (Mayor Wilson)


In December 2020, the State provided funding to localities “to provide sworn constitutional officers and their staffs, including sheriffs, sheriffs’ deputies, regional jail superintendents and corrections officers, a one-time bonus payment of $500” Because the funding provide by the State applied only to State Compensation Board funded positions, the cost of the bonuses was $92,000 but the State revenue was $55,000 and based on City Council authorization the Sheriff’s Office funded the remaining $37,000 from personnel vacancy savings within its department. The State legislation applied specifically to sheriffs, jails, and corrections offices. It did not include other criminal justice constitutional officers such as the Commonwealth’s Attorney or local law enforcement such as police departments.  
In January 2021, the State provided funding to localities through its annual HB 599 allocation to support “attracting and retaining the most qualified police department sworn personnel and support the costs associated with criminal justice reform.”  The City’s share was $211,134. 
The City Manager’s recommendation of April 18 for the use of additional revenue identified in the technical adjustments and revenue re-estimates for add/delete in the FY 2022 budget is to include a one-time bonus for all City employees of 1.0% of base pay. The average base salary for public safety and general schedule employees is approximately $80,000. The average 1.0% base salary bonus would be approximately $800. Staff recommends using the $211,134 State allocation to fund a portion of the estimated $600,000 cost to implement the community policing review board if approved by City Council. 
The General Fund cost to provide a $500 one-time bonus to police officers in addition to or in lieu of the City Manager’s recommendation would be $165,000. However, it is highly likely it would be followed up by similar requests from other employee groups. The  General Fund cost to provide a $500 one-time bonus to all City employees would be $1,115,000 if prorated for part-time employees or $1,160,000 if $500 is provided to part-time employees as well as full-time employees. The 1.0% base pay bonus includes a $500 minimum, so while the $500 bonus would treat everyone equally by providing them with the same amount, the 1.0% bonus would ensure that everyone would receive at least $500 without limiting those who make more than $50,000 in base pay to only $500.


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