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[Archived] Question # 49: Can staff compile exit interview reasons for departing city service by year?


Can staff compile exit interview reasons for departing city service by year? (Councilwoman Jackson)


Exit interviews are used as a tool to find out more about the reasons for why an employee is ending employment with the City and seek suggestions on how to improve the Organization. As part of the exit process, the Department of Human Resources staff obtains feedback from employees who voluntarily terminate their employment and choose to participate in an exit interview. Feedback may also be obtained from employees during the involuntary termination process; however, it is informal and is not included in analyses. Exit interview data is available for the period beginning July 2018.

Table 1 below shows that nearly half (45%) of employees who voluntarily left City government in FY 2020 (year to date) participated in an exit interview; 40% participated in FY 2019. In addition to retirement, the top reason employees cite as motivation for voluntary termination is lack of future career advancement and growth opportunities. As a response to this concern, the City continues investments in professional development opportunities such as tuition assistance and training, and an action plan for addressing turnover is being developed. Other top reported reasons for separation include insufficient work-life balance and dissatisfaction with their management, followed by career change and relocation.

Table 1. Voluntary Termination Exit Interviews
Reason FY 2019 FY 2020 YTD
Career Advancement 27 23
Retirement 19 26
Work-Life Balance 19 10
Management 12 14
Career Change 14 7
Relocation 16 4
Other 11 5
Number of Exit Interviews 118 89
Number of Voluntary Terminations 294 200
Percent of Exit Interviews Conducted 40% 45%

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