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[Archived] Question # 29: Provide a history of improvements made to Holmes Run Trail.


Provide a history of improvements made to Holmes Run Trail. (Councilwoman Jackson)


The Holmes Run Trail is an uninterrupted off-street trail that connects Chambliss St. in the west end of the City to Eisenhower Ave. in the southeast portion of the City. The Holmes Run Trail also connects to the Dora Kelley Trail that links the Sanger Ave. street end; Beauregard St. and N. Morgan St. to Dora Kelley Park. Annual maintenance includes trimming of vegetation, invasive and dead tree removal, tree planting, and ecological restoration plantings. Staff repairs benches and park features and removes debris from the hard surface trail. Additional maintenance activities include hard surface trail inspections and minor repairs of the asphalt and concrete portions of the trail. Maintenance of hard surface trails and soft surface trails are divided between Transportation and Environmental Services and Recreation, Parks and Cultural Activities. Maintenance of vegetation is the responsibility of Recreation, Parks and Cultural Activities and is implemented by staff and with volunteer groups. Larger maintenance and improvement projects to the trail system in the past ten years include:

Given the storm damage caused by storms in 2018 and 2019, the FY 2021 CIP has $1.0 million in trail rebuild and repair design and engineering funds, and the FY 2022 CIP has $15.0 million in (re)construction funds programmed.

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