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[Archived] Question # 27: Please provide a list of school properties and which entity owns the property.


Please provide a list of school properties and which entity owns the property. (Councilwoman Jackson)


According to the City’s Office of Real Estate Assessments, below is the list of stated ownership of each ACPS school site:  

School Site Owner
Charles Barrett Elementary School Board
Cora Kelly Elementary City
Douglas Macarthur Elementary City
Ferdinand T. Day Elementary School Board
Francis Hammond Middle City
George Mason Elementary City
George Washington Middle City
James K Polk Elementary City
Jefferson Houston (K-8) City
John Adams Elementary City
Lyles Crouch Elementary City
Matthew Maury Elementary City
Mt. Vernon Elementary City
Patrick Henry (K-8) City
Samuel Tucker Elementary School Board
T.C. Williams High – King Street Campus City
T.C. Williams High – Minnie Howard Campus City
William Ramsay Elementary City


Ownership of school properties per the Office of Real Estate Assessment may differ from how the ownership of properties are characterized in City financial statements, like the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR). The Virginia Code requires that school assets to be recorded in the City’s financial statements while the bonds used to pay for these assets are still outstanding. The assets will transfer to the Alexandria School Board’s financial statements when the bonds are repaid. While the assets may be listed under either the ownership of the City or the School Board, nothing in the state code alters the authority or responsibility of the local school board or control of the assets. 

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