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[Archived] Question # 22: What is the cost and listing of current vacant positions that have been vacant for over 12 months?


What is the cost and listing of current vacant positions that have been vacant for over 12 months? (Councilman Chapman)


OMB generated a report to identify all City positions, regardless of funding source, that were vacant for 12 months or longer and reviewed permanent position vacancies as of February 26, 2020 for all City departments. Positions with the “State Employee” personnel status were excluded from the review since the City does not control that state hiring process. Departments with identified vacant positions of 12 months or longer were provided the vacancy data and asked to provide information on the current status of the positions. Base on the departmental responses, the current status of the vacant positions has been broadly categorized into the following:

A total of 74 positions with a total FTE count of 64.92 have been identified. The tables below present all identified vacancies by the reported vacancy status. The tables include information on each position’s FY 2021 budgeted FTE level, employee group, total budgeted compensation including salaries and benefits, and funding source.


Table 1: Vacant Positions in Recruitment

 BM 22 Table 1                                    

Table 2: Vacant Positions with Pending and Planned Reclassification

  BM 22 Table 2  

Table 3: Vacant Positions Part of Pending and Planned Reorganization

 BM 22 Table 3          

Table 4: Vacant Positions with Status Categorized as “Other”

(see explanation in the Vacancy Status column)

BM 22 Table 4                              

Glossary of Department Name Abbreviations

CODE - Department of Code Administration

DCHS - Department of Community and Human Services

DEC - Department of Emergency & Customer Communications

DGS - Department of General Services

DPI - Department of Project Implementation

FINANCE - Department of Finance

FIRE - Alexandria Fire Department

HEALTH - Alexandria Health Department

INTERNAL AUDIT - Office of Internal Audit

ITS - Department of Information Technology Services

LIBRARY - Alexandria Library

OCPI - Office of Communications & Public Information

OHA - Office of Historic Alexandria

OOE - Office of Organizational Excellence

POLICE - Alexandria Police Department

RPCA - Department of Recreation, Parks, and Cultural Activities

T&ES - Department of Transportation and Environmental Services

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