Memo for fiscal year 2021, updated 2020-02-27

[Archived] Question # 21: Provide an update of the Gridlock Reduction Program FY 2009 memo with current fiscal impacts.


Please provide an update of the Gridlock Reduction Program FY 2009 memo with current fiscal impacts. (Councilman Chapman)


The cost to fully restore the Gridlock Reduction Intervention Program (GRIP) as previously implemented is approximately $477,000 annually.  In the past, GRIP consisted of seven posts at designated intersections being filled for 3.5 hours a day.  These posts were filled by both Police Officers and Parking Enforcement Officer IIIs.  In Fiscal year 2009, the cost to run the GRIP Program was approximately $330,000. The program cost at that time was based on $100,000 for Police Officer overtime, plus $230,000 for five Parking Enforcement Officer III positions and two sedans.  The increase in cost from FY 2009 to FY 2021 is attributed to rising staffing costs.  

GRIP was established in FY 2001 to reduce rush hour traffic involving ten separate intersections.  The GRIP program had a positive, but limited, effect on traffic flow, but it was eventually deactivated in FY 2010 due to a myriad of issues; many of which still exist today.  These issues include:  

Cost concerns -The projected costs are based on an overtime rate that is provided to the City & outside vendors for all Special Events/ Details. The current overtime rate is $72 an hour plus the calculation for FICA. Overtime was calculated by averaging the Police Officer I rate and the Police Officer IV rate, resulting in a projected overtime rate of $ 72 per hour. Based on historical data when GRIP was in place, tenured supervisors were the primary employees who staffed the posts. At $72 per hour and the 7.65% for FICA, the total cost to fill seven posts for each weekday excluding weekends and holidays is $476,635.  

  FY 2020
# of Officers 7
Hours per day 3.5
Overtime rate per hour 72
* Days per year (excl. holidays & weekends) 251
Cost of FICA $33,871
Total Cost w/FICA $476,635

 Number of days = 251 excludes weekends and holidays


Worker morale – Previously, Parking Enforcement Officers III (PEOs) were tasked with working on the GRIP detail alongside Police Officers and, as the years went on, these PEOs resigned or took voluntary demotions to avoid working on the GRIP program.  They expressed that due to their lack of enforcement powers, they were routinely ignored by drivers and they felt it was unfair that officers were paid overtime to work the detail where the PEOs were working on their regular schedule.  Due to vacancies in this senior rank, the PEO III position was eventually eliminated.    

Staff concerns – If the GRIP detail was re-instated; APD’s recommendation is to operate the detail on a completely volunteer basis as an overtime detail.  APD has worked to maintain current staffing levels; the number of officers required for their Patrol schedule would not allow for on-duty officers to fill the GRIP detail.

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