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[Archived] Question # 20: Provide an update of the Park Alexandria program from FY 2008 with current fiscal impacts.


Please provide an update of the "Park Alexandria" program from FY 2008 with current fiscal impacts. (Councilman Chapman)


In 1993, in conjunction with the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce, the City initiated “Park Alexandria” which offered the employees of local Old Town restaurants and retail stores parking in the Courthouse Garage for $1.00 in the evenings and on weekends in an effort to deter them from parking their personal vehicles on the street. The owners/managers of each business were provided a stamp to validate their employees’ parking tickets which would provide for $1.00 parking at the Courthouse. The use of this program was discontinued by all restaurants and retail businesses in Old Town by FY 2017, so the City discontinued the program.

The “Park Alexandria” program was funded through fees paid to the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce and operated by Visit Alexandria. Transportation & Environmental Services currently funds other parking initiatives in the budget. T&ES cooperates with Visit Alexandria on parking initiatives and provides some parking on holidays (i.e. free parking on Black Friday).

Similar to the Park Alexandria program, the City currently offers employees of Old Town businesses discounted parking in the evenings and weekends through the Discount Parking Program for Employees of Old Town Businesses which started in May 2018. Under this program, employees of approved businesses can park for a $1 flat rate at the Market Square and Courthouse garages when parking after 4PM Monday through Friday and anytime on weekends and holidays. This is a $4 discount compared to the usual $5 max rate during these hours. 24 businesses are currently participating in the program. The current fiscal impact of this program is approximately $4,500 in discounts provided per month; however, this does not necessarily translate to a $4,500 loss in revenue since many of the employees who use this program would not park in City garages if the program did not exist. There is generally capacity in the garages during these times, so this does not prevent other parkers who would pay the full price from parking.

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