Memo for fiscal year 2021, updated 2020-02-20

[Archived] Question # 18: Please provide any budget comments and feedback received prior to Proposed budget release.


Please provide any budget comments and feedback submitted online prior to the Proposed Budget presentation on Feb 18, 2020. (Routt, Director of Management & Budget)

Response: After the November 2019 City Council Retreat, the Office of Management & Budget provide an online link to collect any budget feedback, suggestions or comments for the upcoming budget.  In total, four responses were received and are provided below.  

Comment #1

The budget needs to fully fund all of the Environmental Action Plan short-term actions that are scheduled for FY2021. The City Council approved the EAP this past summer and a Climate Emergency resolution last month. Accordingly, the budget needs to implement the City government's stated objectives to shift to clean energy and mitigate catastrophic climate change.

Comment #2

Give Firefighters a raise!

Comment #3

I'm writing to ask that you prioritize the Holmes Run Trail reconstruction in the FY21 budget. I understand that on the current schedule it won't be done until 2023. I also understand that the estimated cost is $6M. This trail is a very popular path for families, bikers, runners and walkers. It was closed for a long time to build a bridge across Holmes Run - twice - because of engineering reasons, and then shortly after opening - it was closed again due to flooding.

My neighborhood uses this trail for transportation and recreation. I can't understand why you would prioritize controversial bike lanes, that aren't being used, elsewhere in the City, but wait years before fixing a well used, well loved path. If you're serious about promoting biking, and car alternatives, you would prioritize this trail - which connects Alexandria to major commuting paths. Please reconsider, and add funding to the FY21 budget for this trail to be fixed.

Comment #4

Please add funding back in to restart curbside glass recycling collection. This new program will save funds but result in far more glass ending up in landfills due the program's inconvenience for residents. I strongly support you all but am very disappointed in this decision.

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