Memo for fiscal year 2021, updated 2020-02-20

[Archived] Question # 09: Please provide a list of departmental supplemental requests not funded in the FY 2021 Budget.


Please provide a list of supplemental requests not funded in the FY 2021 Budget. (Councilman Aguirre)


As part of the FY 2021 budget development process, the City Manager and the Office of Management and Budget instructed departments to develop expenditure reduction options equal to or greater than 2.5% of FY 2020 General Fund budgets as well as to submit supplemental requests that aligned with City and department priorities. This exercise resulted in the submission of over $13 million in supplemental requests from departments.  

All supplemental proposals were reviewed by the Office of Management & Budget and prioritized by Focus Area groups. Supplementals were funded based on the results of prioritization and in alignment with the City’s smart, green, and equitable initiatives. The items listed on Attachment 1 were not selected due to the limited availability of resources. The listed expenditure and revenue costs represent initial cost estimates that would have been further analyzed and refined if selected for funding.     

Attachment 1: FY 2021 Proposed Budget – Supplementals Not Funded

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