Memo for fiscal year 2020, updated 2019-04-29

[Archived] Question #77: Please provide details on the following SNAP Double Dollar program questions.


Please provide details on the SNAP Double Dollar program questions listed below.


  1. Question: How many staff are working on SNAP?   
    Response: 19 staff work on SNAP/Medicaid caseloads.
  2. Question: What is the percentage of eligible people receiving SNAP?  
    Response: 55% of the projected Alexandria eligible recipients receive SNAP.
  3. Question: Distribution of clients on SNAP on the West End  
    Response: 63.3% of SNAP recipients live in the following zip codes located in the West End– 22311, 22312, 22304, and 22302.
  4. Question: Location of SNAP recipients (heat map if possible).
    Response: A heat map with SNAP specific data is not available at this time. However, the data above is consistent with the attached heat map of the locations of all DCHS clients (refer to Attachment 1).
  5. Question: Relative percentage or numbers of SNAP Recipients along Beauregard vs immediate vicinity of Cameron Station
    Response: 17% of SNAP recipients share the same zip code as Beauregard St, and 34% in the Cameron Station zip code.
  6. Question: Relationship with the Community Food Works 
    Response: Community Foodworks partners with the Alexandria Old Town Farmers’ Market to support Virginia Fresh Match activities including training, reporting, marketing, evaluation, and disbursement of FINI funds.
  7. Question: Ideas for supporting Southern Towers expansion
    Response: Staff could provide information to the current vendor on the process to become a Food Nutrition Services authorized vendor and secure the Point of Service device. Staff could also provide information and connect the vendor to known avenues to increase market vendors and food choices. If the vendor was approved by FNS, staff would connect vendor with Community Foodworks for inclusion in the FINI grant and assist in securing and training volunteers to set-up, conduct transactions, and fiscal reporting. The market would be included in marketing information and the Double Dollars fundraising efforts.
  8. Question: What is a typical distance to walk for a farmers market (ie watershed for walking).
    Response: Farmer’s Markets are located in Old Town North, Old Town, West End, Delray 
    Four Mile Run and Southern Towers. Based on the locations of the farmer’s markets, it is estimated that the typical walking distance is half a mile to 1 mile.
  9. Question: Who is most likely to use farmers market due to location 
    Response: SNAP recipients residing in the 22304 & 22311 zip code are more likely to participate at the West End Farmer’s Market.
  10. Question: Break down of SNAP double dollar usage per each site for previous year. 
    Response: DCHS only has SNAP Double Dollars program data from the Old Town Farmer’s Market. 
    Total SNAP and Double Dollars spent:
       FY2017 $16,584
       FY2018 $11,700

Attachment 1 – DCHS Programs Heat Map

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