Memo for fiscal year 2020, updated 2019-04-24

[Archived] Question #75: Please provide online comments received regarding Add/Delete proposals.


Please provide online comments received regarding Add/Delete proposals. (City Manager Jinks)


On Thursday, April 18, FYI Alexandria, the City’s official resident newsletter, was released to the community. The first item of this edition requested community input on final budget proposals.

As of April 24, 2019, at Noon, the following comments were received online regarding the City Council Add/Delete proposals. As a reminder, the public comment period on Add/Delete proposals will be open until Sunday, April 28, 2019 at 11:59pm.

Comment #17
ALIVE! is a nonprofit with a mission to provide high-quality yet affordable early care & education for the children of Alexandria's low-income working families. We want to express our support for the Early Childhood Capacity Expansion. We thank you for the local investment in the child care subsidy program & the Scholarship for Fours. We urge you to make this a priority again in the Fiscal Year 2020 City Budget. We see first hand the difference these investments have made, and also see how hard it is to lose access to reliable, high quality child care & early learning experiences that will prepare for school & life. We are a member of "Smart Beginnings, an Early Care & Education Workgroup Initiative". Our families benefit from VPI, Scholars for 4 and local Child Care Subsidy Fee System.

Comment #18
I do not support increasing the personal property tax rate to pay for anything. The manager proposed a budget that did not require an increase in taxes. Find the necessary cuts to keep our taxes down especially now that we cannot claim them on our federal tax returns. I do not support an increased refuse fee on residents to pay for glass recycling. The cost should be offset by reduced fees from glass being included in current recycling or trash. I do not support doing away with the spring clean up day. This is one service that residents clearly use and appreciate. It allows people to pick thru others discards and recyclers to go around and take things when everyone puts stuff out on the same day. And I know the city will start charging us to do extra pickups for this even if that is not currently being advertised. I also do not support increasing the personal property tax in place of a vehicle decal. Where are the savings from no longer having to pay for the decals and mail them? How can you say this is revenue neutral?”

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