Memo for fiscal year 2020, updated 2019-04-09

[Archived] Question #68: Please provide any budget comments and feedback submitted online.


Please provide any budget comments and feedback submitted online. (Routt, Director of Management & Budget)


The following items were received as of April 8, 2019. They followed the release of an Alexandria eNews Resource Recovery Announcement that included an invitation to comment on the proposed change to replace the April/May weekend Spring Cleanup with ongoing bulk trash pickup throughout the year.

Comment #12
Regarding Changes to the Spring Refuse Clean Up:   Oftentimes most of the things I put out on the curb are gone the day before the Spring Clean up collection. I've talked with some of the people and some make their living going to different locals on pick-up days and re-selling items (including scrap metals).  This is probably a more effective form of recycling ( and re-use) than the city can provide and reduces the expense for the city, too.  My suggestion is to add a Fall Clean up date, since for re-cyclers such as ourselves, holding things for a full year can be somewhat of a burden.

Comment #13
Keep spring cleanup.  Some items we put out on spring clean up get picked up by others rather than going into the trash.  If these items can go out weekly I suspect there will be more to dispose.

Comment #14
I would like the city to continue with the Big Garbage day pickups.  From my observations, a good portion of what people put to the curb are picked up other people before the city trucks come around.  This is a very efficient way to recycle. Also, it lightens the load during regular trash days.

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