Memo for fiscal year 2020, updated 2019-04-02

[Archived] Question #64: Please provide any budget comments and feedback submitted online.


Please provide any budget comments and feedback submitted online. (Routt, Director of Management & Budget)


The following items were received as of April 3, 2019. They followed the release of an Alexandria eNews Resource Recovery Announcement that included an invitation to comment on the proposed change to replace the April/May weekend Spring Cleanup with ongoing bulk trash pickup throughout the year.

Comment # 4
I don't think it is worth the money to have bulk trash pickup throughout the year.  Maybe twice a year at the most.

Comment # 5
I am disappointed by the proposed change to the city's Spring Cleanup program and urge you to reconsider. Because entire neighborhoods participate in the cleanup on the same designated date, people go out of their way to look through items the night before to see if there are things that they want, that can be repurposed, that can be recycled, etc. Trucks go through and pick the metal out of the piles and take it in for recycling. I have seen large piles reduced to almost nothing by the time the city comes to pick up the trash. I am concerned that changing this to bulk trash throughout the year will increase the items that go in the garbage and decrease the amount that is reused and recycled.

Comment #6
We fully support the replacement of the April/May weekend Spring Cleanup with ongoing bulk trash pickup throughout the year.  

Comment #7
Proposal to get rid of Spring Cleanup and replace with ongoing bulk trash pick up throughout the year is a great idea and much appreciated.  I'm a HOA officer for HOA that sits on 900 Franklin and 600 S. Alfred Sts and trash is dumped on/around our property occasionally.  A year round pick up would be very helpful.  Thank you.

Comment #8
I would prefer the annual spring cleanup/collection continue.  Many seem to put out items they hope will be rescued and reused.  We have set out a number of things that apparently went to new homes.  We also have rescued a backyard swing (which someone else rescued from us a couple of years ago!), a deco bedroom dresser, and a few other items.  We find it to be quite the fun adventure!
Comment #9
1) I WOULD like to see community shredding service added to the FY2020 Proposed Budget and Capital Improvement Program for recycling. Fairfax County offers this to its residents, and is working well.  in the proposed 2020 Budget. With increased awareness of privacy and security, paper shredding is an excellent way for the City to support it's residents in both waste reduction and personal security/privacy.

2) I am OPPOSED to the FY2020 Proposed Budget and Capital Improvement initiative to eliminate Alexandria's annual Spring Cleanup and replacing that with bulk trash pickup. I lived in Fairlington Villages Condominium over a decade before moving to my current address, and the condo had every-Thursday "large trash" pickup. The drawbacks are that people leave out their bulk trash items on the street (sometimes well-ahead of scheduled pickup), and on the night before we would have vehicles circling the neighborhood looking for treasures. The scavenger hunt increased traffic, and in residential Alexandria neighborhoods any increase in traffic is - in my opinion - highly undesirable.  Thank you.

Comment #10
I would like to have Spring Clean-Up perhaps 2 to 4 times a year, but not during every weekly pick-up.

Comment #11
The collection of bulk solid waste throughout the year instead of just one Saturday in the spring is something that I've wanted ever since I moved to Alexandria (over 50 years ago!).

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