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[Archived] Question #62: Which Boards and Commissions receive resources/funding beyond a staff liaison and meals and how much are those proposed amounts?


Which Boards and Commissions receive resources/funding beyond a staff liaison and meals and how much are those proposed amounts? (For example, in FY19 OHA had $200k in Committee Support to support the Friends groups and Commissions with preservation initiatives. What were these initiatives?) (Vice Mayor Bennett-Parker)


City Boards and Commissions are supported by an assigned staff liaison from the department that advises the specific board or commission.  On March 12, 2019, City Council approved the formation of a Boards and Commission Review Committee to address issues boards and commissions have identified such as resources/funding for support of these entities.  There are 72 Boards and Commissions, of which 53 are considered active.  A full listing of the roster can be accessed at:  Each Board or Commission has at least one staff liaison. Depending on the type of Board or Commission staff support can vary from very part-time to near full-time. Any financial support for boards and commissions is provided by the supporting departments and should be a minimal cost.

Regarding the FY 2019 estimated costs from the Office of Historic Alexandria (OHA) in the amount of $200,000, this is based on an estimate of staff time spent on not only Boards, Committees and Commissions but also with the various friends’ organizations with which OHA works. OHA provides meeting support, including meeting content planning, preparation of meeting minutes, distribution of minutes, agenda, and rosters, and other associated duties. OHA staff also provides event support, including marketing. In total, OHA supports the following Boards, Committees and Commissions: Historic Alexandria Resources Commission (HARC), Alexandria Historic Restoration and Preservation Commission (AHRPC), Public Records Advisory Commission (PRAC), and Alexandria Archaeological Commission (AAC), and their active subcommittees. OHA staff also participate in the Waterfront Commission and staff the two Sister Cities commissions (Caen and Dundee/Helsingborg). In addition, they also work with the following friends’ organizations: Friends of Alexandria Archaeology, Gadsby’s Tavern Museum Society, Apothecary Mortar and Pestle Society, Friends of Fort Ward, Friendship Fire House Veterans Association, and the Society for the Preservation of Black History. It is estimated, that in total, the following positions spend a portion of their annual hours supporting these various efforts.

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