Memo for fiscal year 2020, updated 2019-03-28

[Archived] Question #52: If cash capital contributions are increased and additional borrowing is incurred for the Street Reconstruction & Resurfacing project, how much future funding can be advanced to FY20?


Capital Improvement Program (Page 13.50): If additional cash capital contributions are made and additional borrowing is incurred to support the Street Reconstruction & Resurfacing project, what portion of the FY 2021 (or beyond) schedule could be advanced into FY 2020? (Mayor Wilson)


Each street listed in the repaving schedule for FY 2021 and beyond would need to be prioritized based on conditions and ease of execution. Streets in worsening conditions and with easier implementation schedules could be accelerated. Implementation speed can be determined by coordination with Complete Streets projects, utility projects, and development projects, and those streets with minimal coordination can be advanced if funds are available. Staff believe that the Street Reconstruction and Resurfacing program could accommodate as much as an additional $1 million in paving funds for FY 2020.

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