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[Archived] Question #34: How does the City's FY 2020 proposed budget compare to Northern Virginia jurisdictions?


How does the City's FY 2020 proposed budget compare to Northern Virginia jurisdictions? (City Manager Jinks)


On February 19, 2019, City Manager Mark Jinks proposed a $761.1 million General Fund operating budget for FY 2020, with no tax rate increases, no major service reductions, and funding for 100% of the Superintendent's requests for the Alexandria City Public Schools operating budget and 10-year capital plan.

The City of Alexandria’s FY 2020 proposed real property tax rate reflected no increase and remained flat at $1.130 per $100 of assessed value. Fairfax County and Prince William County Chief Executives also proposed no residential real property tax rate increase and remained flat at $1.151 for residential and $1.276 for commercial in Fairfax County and $1.2075 for residential and commercial for Prince William County in FY 2020. Arlington County’s Manager proposed a +1.5 cent increase to support public safety pay and education initiatives, raising their residential base rate to $1.008 and their commercial rate to $1.133. Loudoun County, whose tax base grew 6.5%, proposed a real property tax rate of $1.045, a 4.0 cent decrease from their current tax rate of $1.085.

All neighboring Northern Virginia jurisdictions included merit/step pay increases in their proposed FY 2020 budget, with the City of Alexandria falling around the average at a proposed increase of 2.8%. A number of Northern Virginia jurisdictions are proposing public safety or other pay scale increases.

A detailed comparison for all neighboring Northern Virginia jurisdictions can be found in Attachment I.


Attachment I – FY 2020 Proposed Budget Comparative Statistics

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