Memo for fiscal year 2020, updated 2019-03-06

[Archived] Question #32: Please provide any budget comments and feedback submitted online.


Please provide any budget comments and feedback submitted online. (Routt, Director of Management & Budget)


Budget Feedback from the Public

Items received as of March 11, 2019

Comment # 2

Feedback: I'd like to see an increase in the budget for a new Power-On program to replace the Campagna program at Maury Elementary. The Campagna program has decreased in quality over the years and many families have expressed great interest in having a Power-On Program replace Campagna. We understand this has a budget impact and would like to inquire about increasing the Rec program budget to add a new location at Maury Elementary.

Comment # 3

Feedback: Power-On program at Maury, There is only 1 truly affordable afterschool program in Alexandria, that is Power-On.  Programs that were founded on offering affordable aftercare are anything but affordable. As a single parent household, I count on getting my child into Power-On each year to maintain our household budget. The limited number of spaces available for the Power-On program adds stress each year in what has become a crap-shoot on if we'll have to consider moving out of the city as a way to help maintain a sound household budget. My salary isn't keeping up with added fees for rainwater/sewer, taxes and child care.

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