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[Archived] Question #60: Provide cost to reinstate the Experienced Worker position that assisted older adults in employment.


Please provide an estimated cost to reinstate the Experience Worker position that assisted older adults in employment.


The Experienced Worker position is an Employment & Training Specialist, Grade 14. The estimated annual cost to reinstate the position will be $83,611.

In Fiscal Year 2015, the WDC faced a budget reduction resulting in the loss of five full-time employees within the program. The dedicated position supporting employment and training for experienced workers was one of those positions. Since the reduction, WDC has not had the staffing dedicated to creating robust programing and resources for the 50 plus population. In addition, older adults who are ineligible to State and Federal programs are not eligible for case managed services. Despite improvement in the labor market, older adults are one of the population groups that face challenges in finding employment. Efforts to address challenges with prospective employers as well as enhancing the employability of older adults by giving them tools that will make them competitive in the current labor market is of critical importance.

The position will provide dedicated employment and training services to older adults in City of Alexandria. These services include conducting group and individual orientations on the services that older adults can utilize within the Comprehensive Onestop system, and the larger community. The position will also support individual and group based job career readiness, and job development services include identifying and connecting older adults with unpaid and paid work experience opportunities. The position will conduct outreach activities educating employers on the benefits of hiring experienced workers and working with them to "mine" opportunities for senior employment. Also, the position will build and maintain a resource library and network in the community for additional resources that will improve employment, engagement and self-sufficiency for mature workers. We anticipate the work of the position will positively impact 300-350 people in the city in a given year.

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