Memo for fiscal year 2019, updated 2018-03-29

[Archived] Question #19: Provide an update of FY 18 Budget Question 48 “Reduction Proposals Not Taken”?


Can you please provide an update of the FY 2018 Budget Memo 48, Reduction Proposals Not Taken?


Early in the FY 2019 budget development process, staff estimated a $31.8 million gap budget shortfall due to slow revenue growth and high-demand expenditure needs, particularly in the areas of school enrollment, Metro operating and capital costs, and City and school capital infrastructure needs. To address this shortfall, the City Manager and the Office of Management and Budget instructed departments to develop expenditure reduction options equal to 2% of their FY 2018 General Fund budget resulting in over $6.7 million in expenditure reduction options. Over 44% of the value of those reductions were included in the proposed budget as efficiency savings. The remainder were considered, but not included, in the FY 2019 Proposed Budget because they represent and support priority programs and services whose funding was warranted for continuation in comparison to other competing reductions and potential additions. 

Given the challenges balancing the budget, while meeting the needs of the City, ACPS, and State mandates for FY 2019, if any of the remaining reductions had been determined to have no detrimental impact on City operations or community services, they would have already been included in the proposed budget. 

Attachment 1: List of General Fund Reduction Proposals Not Included in the FY 2019 Proposed Budget

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