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[Archived] Question #84: List of vacant positions that have been vacant for over a year.


Please provide a list of all vacant positions that have been vacant for over a year.


As of April 18th, 2017, 11 of the City’s departments have positions which have been vacant for over a year, totaling 50 full time permanent positions. This number is 2.0% of the City’s total 2,488 full time permanent positions. The following table shows a count of these vacancies by department:

84-1 Table

Typical reasons for long-term vacancies include: 1) pending reclassification of a position to adjust the compensation level to attract and retain top talent or perform different functions based on department needs; 2) above average turnover requiring prioritization of filling particular positions over others; 3) department re-organizations; and 4) long recruitment processes required for positions with unique and or extensive minimum qualifications. It is a testament to good management that departments at times do not immediately fill vacant positions, but take the long view in re-molding positions to meet new or increased needs as well as undertaking multiple recruitments until finding the right person for the job. Funding for these positions in most cases is recaptured in each department’s budgeted vacancy savings or spent using temporary services while the position is vacant. 

The attached table details each of these positions. The date the position became vacant, a description of how the roles/responsibilities are being backfilled, why the position has remained vacant, and what the long-term plan is for each position is also provided. 

Attachment 1 - Table of Vacant Positions Over One Year

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