Memo for fiscal year 2018, updated 2017-04-28

[Archived] Question #82: Revised Add/Delete List for Consideration in the Final Add/Delete Worksession

The purpose of this memorandum is to provide a revised add/delete list based on the discussions from the Preliminary Add/Delete Worksession held on April 25, 2017. This list will be the basis for the discussions at the Final Add/Delete Worksession to be held on May 1.

This list contains all the options under Council consideration and their relative amounts. The “possible consensus” column has been added to include any items with majority Council support (four or more members) based on the discussions at the Preliminary Add/Delete Worksession.

The possible consensus column is in balance, using $147,050 from Undesignated Contingent Reserves to fund economic development microloans, recreation center hours, and summer youth employment and leaving $59,188 undesignated in FY 2018. Council could adopt the possible consensus column without the need for any further changes if it so desires. The two items eligible for consideration that do not currently reflect majority support (and therefore are not included in the possible consensus column) are the early childhood education contingency and the corresponding Northern Virginia Juvenile Detention Center contingency reduction.

The possible consensus column includes a three cent increase in the real estate property tax above the proposed budget, of which a portion of the FY 2018 revenue would be used to fund affordable housing ($4.3 million), and the remainder of FY 2018 revenue ($11.3 million) and all revenue in FY 2019 through FY 2027 would be programmed into the FY 2018-2027 approved Capital Improvement Program (CIP) in a City contingent for future City/Schools facility investments pending the recommendation of the Ad Hoc Joint City/Schools Facility Investment Task Force proposed for creation at budget adoption excluding $414,000 for temporary additional staffing and professional support which will be available as authorized by the City Manager to aid the work of the task force.

Outlined below are the next steps in the process for adopting the FY 2018 budget:

1) On Monday, May 1, 2017 at 7:00pm, City Council will make its final decisions on the FY 2018 Budget at the Final Add/Delete Worksession.
2) On Tuesday, May 2, 2017 by 7:00pm, staff will make public the final decisions of the Final Add/Delete Worksession
3) On Thursday, May 4, 2017 at 7:00pm, City Council will approve the FY 2018 Operating Budget and FY 2018-2027 Capital Improvement Program.


Attachment 1 – FY 2018 Final Add/Delete List

Attachment 2 – Multi-year Add/Delete Impacts

Attachment 3 – FY 2018 City Council Add/Delete Proposals

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