Memo for fiscal year 2018, updated 2017-04-21

[Archived] Question #73: FY 2018 Executive Pay Scales

When the FY 2018 Pay Scales were included in the proposed budget with an added 2.3% step, the two pay scales that are structured as ranges (Physicians Salary Scale which includes Physicians, Psychiatrists, and Pharmacists) and (Executive Salary Scale which includes Deputy and Assistant Department Directors, Department Heads, and Deputy City Managers) was inadvertently not adjusted by the 2.3%.  Below is the proposed revised Executive Salary Scale.  There are very few positions which would be immediately impacted by this 2.3% range, but for future recruitment purposes it is important to keep our salary scales current. The Physicians Salary Scale is being further reviewed as related to market recruitment issues that have just surfaced and will be brought forward to Council for approval at a later post-budget adoption date.

73-1 Table

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