Memo for fiscal year 2018, updated 2017-04-19

[Archived] Question #70: How many vehicles does the Police Department take home?

The Police Department allows 126 vehicles in the take-home program; 64 for out-of-city and 62 for in-city. Currently, there are only 109 vehicles in the program due to assignment requirements and vehicle shortages. 62 of these are being used out-of-city and 47 are being used in-city. Due to the needs of the Patrol program, APD has had to limit the number of vehicles available for the Take Home program.

Take-home vehicles are generally marked vehicles and consist of Police Interceptor Utilities, Police Interceptor sedans, Chevy Tahoes, and older-year vehicles.

Take-home vehicles are deployed strategically based on geographical analysis. APD aims for deployment that will result in high visibility, deterrence of criminal activity, and the specific needs of the community.

For take-home vehicles that are used In-City only, vehicles are prioritized in the following order:

  1. Residential Police Officer

  2. Community Oriented Policing Unit
  3. Patrol

  4. Sworn staff assigned to other units

Take home vehicles that are used both In-City or Out-of-City are prioritized in the following order:

  1. Special Operations Team

  2. K-9 Unit

  3. Criminal Investigation (Crimes Against Persons)

  4. Intelligence and Homeland Security Unit

  5. Academy Assignment

  6. Internal Investigations Section

  7. Public Information Office

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