Memo for fiscal year 2018, updated 2017-04-14

[Archived] Question #52: Can we find out how much other jurisdictions are paying for MGM outreach?


Can we find out how much other jurisdictions are paying for MGM outreach?


Staff reached out to Arlington, Fairfax and D.C. as requested and inquired about marketing efforts with MGM. Like Alexandria, none of the three are currently advertising to MGM customers in the current fiscal year (FY17), but Arlington and Fairfax are both currently evaluating it for next year (FY18).

Alexandria is in a unique position to capitalize on MGM. Of the four destinations (Alexandria, Fairfax, Arlington and DC), the City is a unique complementary experience to MGM, directly accessible over the Wilson Bridge, and has established public transit through both the Water Taxi and new Metro NH2 express bus service.

The City also has a significant head start on its peers because it has been cultivating a relationship with MGM over the last 18 months. Staff has met with MGM representatives five times during that period, and a sixth meeting with MGM's Director of Marketing is scheduled for the week of April 17th. Now that MGM is past the launch phase, the opportune time is now to make concrete some of the joint marketing ideas that staff has been exploring over the past year and a half. The $50,000 supplemental allocation first envisioned by the 2015-16 MGM Task Force, refined in the Focus Area Team this fall and now recommended by the City Manager gives Visit Alexandria leverage to develop a partnership that will result in a visual presence for Alexandria in and around the resort and potentially more visitors and revenue for the City.

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