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[Archived] Question #47: What is the ratio of female to male firefighters?


What is the ratio of female to male firefighters?


The Alexandria Fire Department (AFD) is well above the latest national average for gender diversity.  Studies from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) show that the national average is 3.4% female for the profession.  

Date                                              Percent Male                                                  Percent Female
10/21/2015                                              79.3 %                                                  20.7 %
6/20/2016                                              79.9%                                                  20.2%
3/30/2017                                              79.7 %                                                  20.3 %

The Fire Department is participating with the Workforce Analysis Study committee chaired by Jean Kelleher from the Office of Human Rights.  The goal of the committee is to identify areas of underutilization for women and minority employees within public safety and other City agencies.  In relation to gender and ethnic composition, the 2016 Workforce Analysis shows that the Fire Department does well in comparison within our hiring market.  We are active with recruiting and selective the best qualified candidates from our diverse candidate pools for the next firefighter/EMT recruit school.

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