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[Archived] Question #37: What is the cost per pupil by category of students including the City appropriation and grant funding?


What is the cost per pupil by category of students including the City appropriation and grant funding?


Below is the cost breakout per pupil by category for ACPS as found on pages 152-154 of their FY 2018 Proposed Operating Budget:

37-1 Chart

37-2 Chart

In the first chart, the top part in green represents the additional cost above the baseline for educating students of certain categories (Special Education, English Language learner, etc.). The second chart shows these same student categories but as a total cost per pupil.

The above numbers include the Operating Fund, Federal Grants and Virginia Preschool Initiative Funding. The percent of these amounts that comes from the City Appropriation for FY 2017 is 79.4%. The FY 2018 percentage will change based on the final budget.

Specifically related to Free and Reduced Price Meal (FRPM) students, the ACPS budget provides the cost per pupil for a general education student, an EL student and a special education student. This cannot be done in the same way for students receiving Free and Reduced Prices Meals. Those students receiving free or reduced price meals fall into all three of these other categories and their status does not generate additional staffing support. While schools with a higher percentage of FRPM students may receive some additional funding, this additional funding cannot necessarily be attributed to the FRPM students.

Title I funding provides financial assistance to schools with high numbers or high percentages of children from low-income families to ensure that all children meet challenging state academic standards. Examples for how these funds are used at ACPS are to provide intervention for students struggling with reading and after school tutoring. For FY 2018, Cora Kelly, Jefferson-Houston, John Adams, Patrick Henry, and William Ramsay as well as Francis C. Hammond will receive Title I funding.

Additional information, including FY 2014 -- FY 2016 actual costs per pupil and comparisons to other jurisdictions may be found on pages 15,24,122 and 152-154/ of the ACPS proposed budget.

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