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[Archived] Question #35: What is the capital expansion plan for Capital Bikeshare in FY 2018?


What is the capital expansion plan for Capital Bikeshare in FY 2018?


The City is planning to install ten additional Capital Bikeshare stations in FY 2018. Expansion will bring the total number of stations to 42. A long-term plan for Capital Bikeshare in Alexandria was included in the update to the Pedestrian and Bicycle Chapters of the Transportation Master Plan that was adopted by City Council in May 2016. The City will determine the specific locations for the new stations based on public input and other technical factors (sunlight for solar panels, proximity to bicycle infrastructure and transit, density, attractions, equity, etc.). Outreach for the Capital Bikeshare expansion is expected to begin in late spring of 2017. While the process has worked well for most station siting, staff will increase public input for future Bikeshare stations planned for FY 2018 and beyond, such as earlier notification to more effectively address concerns and bringing the station location for consideration to the Traffic and Parking Board for a public hearing.  The current station installation process involves outreach to civic associations, relevant boards and commissions, adjacent businesses, and residential buildings. 

A demand analysis was used to help determine the appropriate overall expansion of bikeshare in Alexandria, which included employment and population density, location of attractions, transit density by ridership, existing bicycling infrastructure, topography, and percentage of zero-car households. More than $3 million has been secured for the next five years of expansion through state and federal grants. Capital funding for the Bikeshare expansion comes from federal funds, and operations costs are funded through the City’s Transportation Improvement Program (TIP).

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