Memo for fiscal year 2018, updated 2017-03-10

[Archived] Question #6: Please prepare a list of all of the revenue changes proposed in the FY2018 budget.


Please find attached a summary of the tax and fee rate changes proposed in the FY 2018 budget and comparisons to neighboring jurisdictions’ proposed rates. 


For most taxes and fees, the summary includes the City’s current rate and proposed rate and the corresponding proposed rate in other jurisdictions, when applicable. In some cases, comparative rates have not been included for all of the other jurisdictions because those jurisdictions do not provide the same service or have the same fee structure (X) or their rates were not available (N/A).  


Attachment I – FY 2018 General Fund Tax and Fee Rate Adjustments table

Attachment II - FY 2018 Non-General Fund Fee Rate Adjustments table        


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