Memo for fiscal year 2017, updated 2016-04-29

[Archived] Can you provide some analysis regarding preventative fire hydrant maintenance?

Fire hydrants must be kept operable and capable of providing adequate fire protection, including a program of systematic inspection, maintenance and proactively scheduled repairs. However, due to several years of reduction requests, T&ES continues to analyze the performance and efficiency of its public works services. This has included reduction proposals in FY 2016 and FY 2017 to recalibrate the fire hydrant maintenance program. Because there are no universally accepted national standards for proactive maintenance, T&ES has proposed incremental reductions designed to maintain the core function at a lower level of service.

Question: Can you break down the percentage painting vs. preventative maintenance (PM) for the $101K?


Current FY2016 Hydrant Budget Breakdown

Proposed FY2017 Budget Reduction Breakdown

Question: How many hydrants are due in the next year for maintenance? Is there a chance to add just $50K back in?

Response: Currently there are approximately 3,200 public fire hydrants in the City, and on a five (5) year PM schedule, approximately 640 hydrants are due each year. T&ES tracks hydrant availability and would be able to monitor and report the impact in future years as hydrants go longer without rebuilds. At the current contract rates, adding $50,000 to the remaining $71,000 for hydrant PM would bring the total FY 2017 PM budget to $121,000, which is 88% of the FY 2016 PM budget and equates to approximately a 6-year PM frequency. T&ES is planning to rebid the contract in the next year and a new level of service could result if the rates change.

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