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[Archived] What is the cost of discounting City garage and parking lot fees for churches and other uses?

Below is a summary of all discount or subsidy parking offered at City-owned parking facilities and foregone revenue resulting from these discounts in FY 2015. The same parking discounts and subsidies are available for FY 2016.

82. Parking - 1

[1] Represents an estimated revenue equivalent based on the number of parking tickets retrieved by parkers upon entry. Revenue will vary based on a number of factors including the total number of parkers who utilize the facilities during these hours
[2] The only current “Park Alexandria” remaining participant is the Fish Market restaurant

[Summary table does not include subsidy for employee parking ($75/mon); parking subsidy for City Council, City Attorney, City Clerk, and certain boards and commissions meetings where member parking is validated at City Hall]

Farmers Market – The City has offered the public free parking at the Market Square Garage for decades during the hours of the Old Town Farmer’s Market held on Market Square on Saturdays. The hours of the Farmers’ Market have changed (now 7:00 am-12:30 pm) but the hours for free parking at Market Square Garage remain the same in order to accommodate the farmer’s market vendors who arrive early to set up (5:00 am-12:30 pm). Approximately 14,000 parkers utilize the Market Square Garage annually during the hours of 5:00 am to 12:30 pm on Saturdays not only to attend the Market but to also frequent other local businesses since fees for on street parking go into effect at 7:30 am.  The annual parking revenue foregone on Saturday is about $70,130. 

General District Court/Commonwealth’s Attorney/Police – Police officers who are required to attend court are provided validated parking from the General District Court and the Commonwealth’s Attorney. These officers include undercover officers who are not operating marked APD cruisers and officers who attend court while operating their personal vehicle. As a result, the parking attendant is not always able to readily identify them as police officers. Using parking validation makes this process more efficient by having the officers enter the garage and then subsequently have their parking ticket validated by the Court or Commonwealth Attorney’s Office. Approximately 3,678 parking tickets are validated per year for this purpose with $36,780 in foregone parking revenue.

Carlyle House/Gadsby’s Tavern Volunteers – The Office of Historic Alexandria (OHA) provides parking validation for volunteers at the Carlyle House and Gadsby’s Tavern seven days per week. Approximately 2,065 parking tickets are validated annually for volunteers who utilize the Market Square Parking Garage and $20,650 in foregone parking revenue.

Black Friday – In conjunction with Visit Alexandria, the City authorized free parking City-wide for Black Friday. 1,186 parkers utilized the City-owned off-street parking facilities on that day and $7,969 in foregone parking revenue.

Sidewalk Sale –In conjunction with Visit Alexandria, the City authorized free parking City-wide for the Sidewalk Sale. 1,991 parkers utilized the City-owned off-street parking facilities on that day and $7,332 in foregone parking revenue.

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church – A number of years ago, the City entered into an agreement with St. Paul’s Episcopal Church to provide subsidized parking to their parishioners on Sundays from 9am-1pm at the Courthouse Garage.  The regular parking rate on Sundays is $5.00 maximum. Each parishioner has their parking ticket validated by the church. The church is charged $2.50 per ticket with the City forgoing the remaining $2.50 or 50 percent. The church sends the City a check for their half at the end of each month.  This arrangement results in approximately $6,000 in parking revenue per year which might not otherwise be realized as utilization of the Courthouse Garage on Sunday mornings is extremely low. 

“Park Alexandria” – Fish Market Restaurant – In 1993, in conjunction with the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce, the City initiated “Park Alexandria” which offered the employees of local Old Town restaurants and retail stores parking in the Courthouse Garage for $1.00 in the evenings and on weekends in an effort to deter them from parking their personal vehicles on the street. The owners/managers of each business were provided a stamp to validate their employees parking ticket which would provide for $1.00 parking at the Courthouse. Over the past 22 years, the use of this program has been discontinued by all restaurants and retail businesses in Old Town with the exception of the Fish Market. The City’s parking management firm, Republic Parking, has indicated that only about four Fish Market employees utilize this program to park in the Courthouse Garage.

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