Memo for fiscal year 2017, updated 2016-04-19

[Archived] Where would the recommended pay of 2.5% put Alexandria fire pay if we excluded jurisdictions like Loudoun and Prince William that work 42 hours vs the City's 56 hour work weeks?

During the compensation work session Councilman Bailey said the presentation suggested the staff proposal was addressing Fire pay to become competitive with the region. The Councilman asked why we would use Montgomery and Prince George's County as comparators.

The table below represents the market deviation for City of Alexandria Firefighters when all of the City’s Northern Virginia comparators are included. This added Loudoun to our list of normal comparators and dropped Montgomery and Prince George’s, which have been the City’s normal comparators. The following table reflects the +2.5% pay scale increase planned for Firefighters for FY 2017.

71. Fire Pay - 1

The table on the following page represents the market deviation for City of Alexandria Firefighters after the proposed 2.5% market rate adjustment is applied to the Fire pay scale. This analysis excludes the City’s officially adopted compensation philosophy Maryland comparators: Montgomery County and Prince George’s County, as well as jurisdictions that work fewer than 56 hours per week: Prince William County and Loudoun County. It leaves just two comparator jurisdictions which are an insufficient number of comparators to use to make City pay scale decisions.

71. Fire Pay - 2

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