Memo for fiscal year 2017, updated 2016-04-19

[Archived] What would be the amount of money we would reduce in our contribution to State employees to equate to the increase that the General Assembly gave out?

The Virginia Budget is still under consideration by the General Assembly given the Governor's vetoes and amendments to the budget passed by the House and Senate. However, based on the latest conference report, the City of Alexandria may be able to reduce approximately $133,365 from our contribution to State employees equal to the 3% increase the General Assembly is proposing for State employees effective November 2016. The reduction in the City contribution will not result in a salary decrease for impacted employees. The table below details departments impacted by the proposed change, the type of City Supplement received by department, the result of the possible State salary increase, and the consequent amount. Depending on the type of City Supplement, some departments see an increase in the City share of salary, while most others experience a decrease.

73. Assembly - 1

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