Memo for fiscal year 2017, updated 2016-04-18

[Archived] What is the status of the Budget and Fiscal Affairs Advisory Committee (BFAAC) analysis for the FY 2017 City Manager's Proposed Budget?

The Budget and Fiscal Affairs Advisory Committee (BFAAC) has completed its analysis of the FY 2017 City Manager's Proposed Budget for Council's consideration. This is in accordance with the Committee's mission to:

  1. Examine the City's budget procedures and process and ways of improving such procedures and process, including participation by the public therein;

  2. Examine the forecast of future revenue and expenditure requirements and the effect on the several taxes and fees levied by the City and burden of taxation imposed on Alexandria citizens and business organizations; and

  3. Evaluate the comparative tax, revenue and expenditure levels in Alexandria with those in neighboring jurisdictions and the effect of such differences on the ability of Alexandria to attract new residents and economic development.

BFAAC will discuss this report (attached) with City Council at the budget work session on April 19, 2016.



Attachment 1 – Report on the City Manager’s Proposed Budget for Fiscal Year 2017


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