Memo for fiscal year 2017, updated 2016-04-18

[Archived] What is the amount of ACPS funding included in the most recent State budget?

The Virginia Budget is still under consideration by the General Assembly given the Governor's vetoes and amendments to the budget passed by the House and Senate. However, based on the latest conference report, Alexandria City Public Schools (ACPS) will receive a total of $41,775,604 in state funding for FY 2017. Approximately $3.8 million in state funding will be used for the Virginia Preschool Initiative, School Lunch Fund, and the State Operated Detention Center. The remaining $37,977,633 will be directed toward the ACPS Operating Fund, which represents an increase of $375,272 over the amount included in the ACPS Approved Operating Budget. ACPS may adjust its revenue and/or cost estimates during the School Board's final budget process in May. According to ACPS staff, some possible adjustments are the additional State revenue, any difference in the General Fund transfer between the City and ACPS approved budgets, the cost impact of the City’s living wage rate on ACPS salaries and third party vendors, or other adjustments based on more current information.

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