Memo for fiscal year 2017, updated 2016-04-18

[Archived] Has the “City Hall Renovation & HVAC Replacement” project been re-scoped?

FY 2016 Budget Memo #8, indicates that the title of this project can be renamed from the “City Hall HVAC & Infrastructure Replacement” project to the “City Hall Renovation and HVAC Replacement” project to more accurately reflect all of the work being completed at City Hall. Staff will make this change in the approved CIP. The scope of the project remains the same as stated in the FY 2016 Approved CIP. 

As part of the FY 2017 CIP budget planning process, the CIP Steering Committee requested that staff provide the amount of funding budgeted in this project for lease and retrofit of a swing space and to fund moving costs.  That amount ($16.8 M) represents operating costs and costs that are not part of the direct cost of the replacement.  These costs have been removed from the CIP project and the funding for these expenditures will need to be identified as part of the operating budget at the appropriate time. A specific funding source for the future leasing of a swing space has not yet been determined.

The lease and retrofit of a swing space funding was removed from the CIP project so that the CIP projects reflects the cost of planning, design and construction that can be directly attributed to the City Hall Renovation & HVAC Replacement project. Leased and retrofitted swing space may be used not only for City Hall renovations but also for other upcoming major renovation projects on City facilities.

Additionally, the Proposed FY 2017 – FY 2026 CIP includes $250,000 for the Municipal Facilities Planning project to create a roadmap for utilization of city facilities over the coming years. This type of utilization review will also need to consider options for the swing space required to accommodate City employees during major renovations of City facilities like this one.

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