Memo for fiscal year 2017, updated 2016-04-14

[Archived] What are the specifics of the dental services reduction?

The budget reduction proposed is for $57,914. This includes $25,000 that funded a portion of a dentist to provide 375 new/initial appointments for DCHS clients. These 375 appointments would no longer be available and would increase the wait time for appointments which is currently about 5 months. The estimated number of appointment still available after the reduction is 1,300. The remainder of the budget reduction of $32,914 provides financial assistance to cover the copays for new/initial visits, emergency appointments, and dentures of individual clients served through the Office of Community Services. Clients will no longer be assisted financially with the $40 co-pays for the new and emergency appointments or the cost of dentures. With the elimination of the $32,914, clients will be responsible to pay for all their appointments on their own including the cost of their dentures.

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