Memo for fiscal year 2017, updated 2016-04-14

[Archived] Can you give an update of the study on Council Aide salaries as well as an idea of the amount of funding needed to increase salaries based on this study?

Per Council’s direction in December, Human Resources (HR) has been studying the Council Aide’s salaries. HR recently completed interviews with all Council Aides and is reviewing their feedback as well as completing an analysis comparing the pay of the City’s Council Aides to local jurisdictions. A written report will follow upon completion of the analysis.  It will be post add/delete though when Council receives that report. If Council wishes to consider increasing Council Aides salaries in FY 2017 but does not want to presume the outcome of the study, staff recommends creating a non-designated General Fund Contingent Reserve amount that could be used for a Council Aide pay increase or other high priority items that Council may need to fund in FY 2017.


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