Memo for fiscal year 2017, updated 2016-04-13

[Archived] What would it cost to start the King Street Trolley at 7 am on weekdays and 8 am on weekends assuming no other changes in hours?

The cost to add additional service for the King Street Trolley would be roughly $135,000 annually. This would include additional labor and vehicle operations cost to provide the increase to weekday and weekend service levels. The proposed $135,000 increase would add two additional service hours daily for the King Street Trolley, as well as a dedicated supervisor at King Street Metro for the additional hours.  

DASH and City staff anticipate a potential shift in passenger activity from current riders who would be diverted to the King Street Trolley from DASH service during the morning peak period and on weekends along King Street. The shift could reduce the passenger revenues for DASH service by up to $80,000 annually.


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