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[Archived] In regards to General Schedule Employee Compensation, what would a 1% salary increase cost (with and without ACPS included)?

Listed below are responses to questions from Mayor Silberberg regarding General Schedule Employee Compensation.

What would a 1% salary increase cost (with and without ACPS included)?

It would cost the City approximately $1.5 million to fund a 1% salary increase for General Schedule employees, including the additional benefit costs resulting from the salary increase. It would cost the City approximately an additional $1.9 million to fund a 1% salary increase for Alexandria City Public Schools (ACPS) Operating Fund employees, including resulting benefit increase costs, for a total of $3.46 million.

54. GS Comp - 1

What is the Market Rate Adjustment (MRA) history over the last 15 years?

ANSWER (excluding targeted pay adjustments for market reasons):

What are our NoVa comparators (and Loudoun) doing for MRA’s in FY 2017?


Explain the step system and percentage increases.

Each eligible employee (those who have not reached the top of the pay range) who performs satisfactorily in their position receives a step increase in pay on the anniversary of their hire. Pay can increase from step-to-step by a percentage of 2.3%, 3.5% or 5.0%. Below are the percentages by step and pay scale (executive and physician are not included as they have pay bands rather than steps): 

All Pay Scales with the Exception of Sworn Fire,  

Sworn Fire Pay Scale

Explain how comparator measures are done and show GS employee results.

Benchmark studies are conducted to determine the competitive posture of an organization. In order to conduct a benchmark study, we select benchmark classifications that meet the following criteria:

Benchmark standards require a sample size of 30%-50%.

In the fall of 2015, Classification & Compensation created a benchmark survey and distributed the survey to our five comparator jurisdictions. The information contained in the survey included a list of classifications and descriptions for each classification. Our comparators were asked to provide matches, including salary ranges and average salaries for all classifications where a match could be found. In all, a total of 30% of the City of Alexandria’s classifications were matched during this benchmark study. The results are below. The City’s pay philosophy states that pay is to be competitive at a minimum with the average pay of the market, which the Compensation profession defines as plus or minus 5% of the market average.

54. GS Comp - 2

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