Memo for fiscal year 2017, updated 2016-04-12

[Archived] Why wasn't the new Health Department CFMP project, including large future renovations, anticipated prior to this year’s proposed CIP? What is the criticality of these efforts?

The addition of the new Health Department Capital Facilities Maintenance Program (CFMP) is a direct result of the building condition assessment completed by General Services (GS) in FY 2015 and the new Facilities Condition Index (FCI) that was created as a result of that assessment to allocate resources based on quantifiable needs analysis.  

Prior to the FY 2017 CIP, funding for capital repair and maintenance at Health Department facility located at 4480 King Street and the Flora Casey Clinic located at 1200 N. Howard Street  was included in the GS CFMP where the needs of these facilities typically competed with the needs and requirements of other City facilities. In the Approved FY 2016-2025 Capital Improvement Program (CIP), $350,000 was budgeted over the first three years of the GS CFMP for required Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) repairs at the Casey Clinic, with additional capital repair and maintenance contemplated over the remaining seven years of the GS CFMP at both the Casey Clinic and the Health Department facility at 4480 King Street.

The building condition assessment completed in FY 2015 rated both the Casey Clinic and the facility at 4480 King Street a Grade” F” based on the FCI and identified numerous capital replacement requirements at both facilities. 

Of the more than 1,000 capital replacement requirements identified over all thirty-six (36) facilities assessed in FY 2015, seven (7) of the top 10 capital replacement priorities identified were located at these Health Department facilities.

As a result of the building assessments and the budget guidance provided in the context of the FY 2017 CIP budget development process, staff developed and revised the General Services CIP submission to reflect the ranked priorities as identified in the building assessment results. The $6.4 million proposed in FY 2017 of the CIP for the Health Department CFMP does not reflect all of the capital replacement needs identified in the building assessment for both 4480 King Street and the Casey Clinic. Although most of these capital replacement requirements are not life safety issues, they are critical to heavily utilized facilities of this age including much needed bathroom renovations, exterior door replacements, HVAC replacements, and others. These projects could be spread out over a number of more years but this would be deferring more facility capital replacement requirements.


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