Memo for fiscal year 2017, updated 2016-04-08

[Archived] What would be the cost and program specifics of creating a Titans Lounge? What was the average daily or weekly attendance when the program was in operation?

The cost of implementing the Titans Lounge, located in the T.C. Williams High School rotunda and other designated spaces as necessary, would be approximately $51,000 and would include four part-time, temporary positions. The program would be designed to offer a safe and supervised setting for youth to congregate and socialize during the after school hours. Alexandria City Public Schools (ACPS) recognized this need when they collaborated with Recreation, Parks, and Cultural Activities (RPCA) in 2011-2012 to provide a program at T.C. Williams High School to address the fact that students were remaining in and around the school after school dismissal, even though they were not involved in sports or clubs.

When it was in operation, the program registered close to 600 youth with an average of 150 attending daily. Youth were permitted to take the activity buses home at 4:30 or the last buses at 5:30 at which time the Titan Lounge closed. ACPS provided school space to offer the program in an area of appropriate size for group activities. Snacks were provided through the USDA At-Risk After School Snack Program.

Although the program is intended to be minimally structured so youth may spend time with each other to work on homework, talk, play video or table games, listen to music, etc., there are also opportunities to offer structured programs with other City agencies such as the Alexandria Campaign on Adolescent Pregnancy, Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition of Alexandria, Police Department, Libraries, etc. ACPS counselors also have opportunities to extend academic and social enrichment programs through engaging youth in an after school setting. RPCA can provide additional resources for interest based programs or activities such as art, music, sports and fitness.

If City Council were interested in reinstating the Titans Lounge, ACPS would need to concur and collaborate in its operation.


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