Memo for fiscal year 2017, updated 2016-03-30

[Archived] Are there any dependencies or opportunities with the planned Minnie Howard athletic facilities investments and the upcoming ACPS Minnie Howard capital investment?

The planned Minnie Howard athletic facilities investments, including the renovation of the synthetic turf field and the restroom renovation, are not dependent upon the planned ACPS capital investment. Planning and design for the Minnie Howard athletic facilities is ongoing. Renovations are anticipated to occur between March 2017 and June 2017.

The athletic facilities investments are planned to be completed concurrently to minimize the impacts on field users and the general community. While combining City and ACPS investments is not anticipated to achieve any fiscal economies of scale, timing the athletic facilities improvements with the ACPS capital investments may offer an opportunity to further limit temporary construction impacts on the community if sufficient laydown and construction staging areas for all projects can be accommodated on site at the same time

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