Memo for fiscal year 2017, updated 2016-03-30

[Archived] Can we receive more detail on the implications of the reduction to Lighting Professional Services proposed?

Lighting professional services are used to pay for studies that are required for lighting upgrades and lighting designs in study areas deemed deficient. If the funding is cut, those projects will no longer be funded and implemented from the operating budget; funding is not provided for these studies and designs in the capital budget. 

Transportation & Environmental Services (T&ES) receives numerous inquiries regarding lighting deficiencies each year, and an initial investigation is performed with each inquiry. If the deficiency is a simple solution, such as increasing intensity of existing lighting, T&ES works with Dominion Virginia Power to resolve those issues. However, in some cases, the solution requires a larger project designed by a consultant as T&ES does not have lighting or electrical engineers on staff or the lighting software to perform the calculations needed for studies or designs. Other uses for these funds are generated when community members see the need for lighting upgrades in large retail areas or high crime areas. When this occurs, staff coordinates the required studies with a lighting consultant. With this reduction, future inquiries into lighting deficiencies that result in studies will be performed by T&ES and absorbed in the operating budget for small studies, or funding will be requested through the CIP process for larger, more in-depth studies. Maintenance issues will continue to be handled by Virginia Dominion Power.

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