Memo for fiscal year 2017, updated 2016-03-25

[Archived] The proposed budget realizes savings of $24,000 from the reduction of City Marina Security Services. What increase the marina fees could be adopted to fund restoration of current service levels?

To restore the Marina Security to current service levels, monthly license fees would have to increase by $1.50 per foot for Residents and Nonresidents, increasing fees to $10.50 per foot and $12.50 per foot, respectively. Boats in the City Marina range from 18 feet to 45 feet in length; therefore, the $1.50 rate would provide sufficient revenue in the event the average boat length decreases. The per boat fee increase would range from $324 to $810 per year. Any increase in the fee would put the City of Alexandria near, or at, the top of the fee range in this region.

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